EKEE the Witch

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前903 DJ, 現全職魔女,工作包括塔羅、魔法、YouTube、畫畫、唱歌和寫書等等,是怪誕小店Bad Blood Magick 的CEO。魔女EKEE有超過十年直覺塔羅經驗,還教授塔羅和天使班,教大家如何跟天使溝通。Bad Blood Magick 另設魔法服務,幫助大家吸金錢和愛情,或實現其他願望。EKEE 大賣魔法著作包括《魔女伊維特.人財兩得術》及《咩年戀愛運》。

IG/FB/Snapchat @evitawong


Hello to you if you don’t know me, I am Evita a.k.a. EKEE, I am a witch, a singer, an artist, a youtuber etc. i love expressing myself in many different ways. hope to see you soon in any of my platforms, welcome to follow me and send me snapchat :]

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